OREANDA-NEWS The anti-smoking law has been in force since 2013. It prohibits smoking in restaurants and cafes, in educational and health institutions, at railway stations, airports, entrances of residential buildings and, of course, on playgrounds. You can not sit with a cigarette on the beaches and in hotels.

The size of the fine for violators is from 500 to 3 thousand rubles. Most of all - 2-3 thousand rubles. - will have to pay for smoking in playgrounds.

The number of smokers in Russia is declining. According to the World Health Organization, in 2009 39% of Russians smoked, and in 2017-already 29%. Nicotine addiction - mostly the lot of men. 45% of the stronger sex smoke. Only 15% of women smoke.

The Ministry of Health plans to do a lot to ensure that the number of smokers continued to decline. In the course can go such measures as the spread of anti-tobacco law on VAPE and hookahs. And the methods are quite radical: the ban on the sale of tobacco. But this may not happen until 2050.

According to smokers, the most effective measures of the anti-tobacco campaign was the rise in price of tobacco and the ban on smoking in public places.

According to WHO, every year from diseases caused by smoking, about 7 million people die in the world. If you do not strengthen tobacco control, by 2030, this figure could rise to 8 million, predict the WHO.

The statistics of this organization show that the fight against Smoking gives a certain result: the number of smokers in almost all countries is slowly but steadily declining. So, in Russia, for five years — from 2010 to 2015, according to WHO, smoking men decreased by 2.2%. There are fewer smokers in all European countries, almost everywhere in Latin America and Asia. Although there are anomalies that can not please the fighters for a healthy lifestyle. In Jordan, for example, the number of male smokers increased from 58.8% to 70.2% in five years.