OREANDA-NEWS. In the coming years, the dollar may fall in price up to 60 rubles due to changes in the global cycle. This forecast was made to Rossiyskaya Gazeta by Alexander Kuptsikevich, a leading FxPro analyst.

According to him, in the second half of last year, Russia found itself at a point in the cycle, which implies an acceleration in the growth rates of prices for raw materials assets, GDP and the level of welfare.

The analyst explained: "If we take the highs of 2020 as a starting point, when the ruble rate against the dollar climbed above 80, then a pullback can take the pair to 60 rubles in the coming years."

At the same time, the expert urged not to wait for a doubling of GDP in seven years, since the national currency rarely fully recovers, and the process itself is slower than falling.

As for the euro, then, according to him, the ruble exchange rate for the next few years may stabilize in the range of five to ten percent. The analyst assumes that the euro exchange rate can be 85-95 rubles for one euro.

At the beginning of today's trading, the ruble weakly fluctuates against the dollar and the euro against the background of a slight increase in oil prices: the American currency rose in price by five kopecks, to 74.06 rubles, the European currency fell by two kopecks, to 89.85 rubles.