OREANDA-NEWS  The average check of a resident of Russia for one shopping in the store in September 2018 increased by 4.8%, or 24 rubles compared to August. It amounted to 519 rubles, the growth rate occurred after five months of decline, according to a study of the holding "ROMIR".

"In September, the index of average check grew by 4.8% compared to August values, and have risen to the level of 519 rubles. However, there is no annual growth. Compared to September last year, the average check lost 1%, falling from 524 rubles," the study said.

In September, the average check grew in all Federal districts except the far East-there it decreased by 4.9% compared to August (to 465 rubles). In the southern district, the check grew by 14.8% (to 504 rubles), in Central Russia — by 8.7% (to 627 rubles), in Siberia — by 6.3% (to 423 rubles). In the North-Western Federal district, the figure increased by 1.8% (to 581 rubles).

In the Volga region, the average check increased by 0.7% (to 430 rubles), in the Urals — by 0.6% (to 474 rubles). In Moscow, the average check increased by 6,7% compared to August, to 720 rubles (in annual terms — by 5,3%), in St. Petersburg it grew by 3,1%, to 668 rubles (in annual terms it decreased by 1,3%).

The average check in hypermarkets of the Russian Federation in September compared to August increased by 9% (compared to September 2017 — decreased by 0.8%). In supermarkets, the check grew by 8.5% (in annual terms — decreased by 2.6%), in discounters — by 2.1% (in annual terms — a drop of 10.1%). In small shops of traditional trade the indicator decreased by 3.9% (in annual terms — by 0.9%).

The study " ROMIR" is based on the data of consumption of 40 thousand Russians, 15 thousand households in 220 cities of the country. Research participants scan barcodes of all purchased goods brought home. Scanning data in online mode is fed into the research database.