OREANDA-NEWS  The Bank of Russia launched an Internet robot to search for illegal financial pyramids. The robot knows how to work with primitive requests and "seduce" companies that are looking for new customers. In this case, the decision makes a living person

The Head of the Department of counteraction to unfair practices of the Central Bank explained that the Bank of Russia uses both offline and online channels to identify illegal financial organizations and projects.

"With the launch of the competence Center and departments, we have increased the potential of measuring the activities of financial pyramids." he said. The Central Bank of Russia last year found 168 structures with signs of a financial pyramid. This was announced on Tuesday, the Director of the Department of combating unfair practices of the Central Bank of Russia Valery Lyakh.

He explained that this figure does not mean that there are more financial pyramids. According to Lyakh, in 2018, the regulator improved the system of detection of illegal financial organizations. In particular, in Krasnodar began to work competence Center to combat illegal activities, in seven main departments of the Central Bank there were special departments to identify pyramids and illegal immigrants.

In total, from 2015 to 2018, the Central Bank of Russia discovered more than 685 organizations and Internet projects that may be related to the financial pyramid.

Earlier, on January 25, the government approved the concept of a bill allowing the Central Bank to block the websites of financial pyramids and fraudsters before trial. The law allowing the Central Bank to block the websites of organizations such as "Casbee" within a few business days. According to the current legislation, it takes several months to block.

On Thursday, January 31, was reported that the amendments to the Federal law "on credit histories" came into force. According to this information Russians will receive a personal credit rating and will be able to learn it together with the report of the credit histories Bureau.