Currency market

18.04.2022, 13:32
Crypto exchange EXMO has opened a separate platform for Russians. This was reported to RBC by its representative.
14.04.2022, 15:22
Ukraine needs $7 billion a month in immediate financial assistance to cover.
12.04.2022, 16:31
The head of the World Bank, David Malpass, announced during a speech at the Warsaw School of Economics that the organization is ready to transfer $1.5 billion to help Ukraine.
12.04.2022, 12:06
Russian export companies have encountered difficulties in selling foreign exchange earnings on the market, Vedomosti writes.
11.04.2022, 10:38
Associate Professor of the Department of Financial Management of the PRUE GV Plekhanov Ayaz Aliyev said that the new EU sanctions do not have a strong impact on the ruble exchange rate.
06.04.2022, 14:00
On April 4, the Ministry of Finance of Russia transferred funds for the redemption of Eurobonds "Russia 2022" and "Russia 2042" to the National Settlement Depository for settlement in rubles.
01.04.2022, 15:40

Previously, trading platforms reported on assets on behalf of clients — now the regulator plans to oblige cryptocurrency exchanges to be responsible for client's assets themselves.

31.03.2022, 10:36
The Moscow exchange index at the opening of trading is growing by 0.89%, the RTS is decreasing by 0.48%.
31.03.2022, 10:22

Restrictions may contribute to the emergence of small currency blocks, which will be based on trade between individual groups of countries.

30.03.2022, 15:05
If the Europeans refuse to pay for Russian gas in rubles, they will stop receiving "free" fuel, and Europe will not be able to find other suppliers that could replace Russia.
30.03.2022, 14:29
The creation of a new global currency that is not tied to the country's economy is a utopia, said Mikhail Belyaev, candidate of economic sciences, financial analyst.
29.03.2022, 17:41
Poland withdrew its earlier consent to conclude an agreement with Russia on the support and mutual protection of investments.
28.03.2022, 13:58
Economist Oleg Bogdanov, in a conversation with, explained whether it could happen that Russia would ban the circulation of the euro and dollars within the country.
24.03.2022, 11:14
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is confident that Western countries should increase economic pressure against Russia.
22.03.2022, 18:12
Polish government spokesman Piotr Muller said that as part of anti-Russian sanctions, the authorities began to block funds on accounts opened in the republic.


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