OREANDA-NEWS. The American corporation Google intends from the summer in any advertisement published in its services to indicate who is its customer. This is stated in a statement on Thursday posted on its blog.

Google noted that people who want to advertise will have to prove their identity, as well as indicate in which country they work. Such requirements were introduced by the company in 2018 for political announcements. “According to the rules, advertising customers who want to place election-related ads on our platforms must be verified in order to verify their identity. We provide information about their identity in the ads so that users have more information about election-related materials that they see on platforms Google", stated in a statement. Now a decision has been made to extend these standards to any advertising on Google services.

"Advertising customers will need to present an identity card, business registration documents or other information that allows you to establish who they are and in which country they work", the company emphasized. It clarified that "from this summer" users will be able to check who exactly ordered the placement of advertising.