OREANDA-NEWS. The South Korean Antimonopoly Commission accused Google of abusing its dominant position in the market and ordered it to pay a fine of $177 million.

The Fair Trade Commission of South Korea said that Google prevented free competition by prohibiting local companies from using the operating systems of competing firms. Using its leadership position in the mobile market, Google imposed on its partners an "anti-fragmentation agreement" that did not provide for the use or creation of modified Android operating systems by firms.

Google will not only have to pay compensation, the amount of which ranks ninth in the history of the South Korean Antimonopoly Commission, but also terminate the anti-fragmentation agreement.

Also, at the end of August, the South Korean authorities adopted a bill under the influence of which Google also fell. This bill obliged large companies to allow developers to develop and implement their own payment systems in applications.

Currently, antitrust checks are being conducted against Google in other countries as well. It is reported that the regulatory authorities of the United States and the EU are currently investigating the company's business practices for the presence of various violations.