OREANDA-NEWS. Experts "Kaspersky Lab" recorded a series of targeted attacks on Russian healthcare: in the spring and early summer, hackers attacked up to ten major state agencies in the southern regions of Russia. In the company specify that the attackers are fluent in Russian, however, are not in Russia. The main goal of attackers was to gather financial documents (including contracts for treatment, invoices, etc.).

According to the analyst of InfoWatch group of companies Andrei Arsentiev, this case was the first public incident and the first notable case of a successful attack by hackers on a Russian network of health facilities. "Before that personal data of patients and other information of limited access is almost always flowed from the sphere of Russian healthcare system as a result of internal disorders, mainly of the unintended nature (mistakes, carelessness, fatigue, inexperience of staff etc.)", - explained the expert.

The expert advised organizations to focus on cybersecurity issues: to teach employees how to recognize threats and use reliable security solutions.

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