OREANDA-NEWS. The latest driver for processors and video cards, the appearance of which has not even been announced yet, was accidentally published by Intel, the Videocardz website reported. The find turned out to be very unexpected and caused great surprise to users. It is expected that new components will appear on the market no earlier than in two years.

In particular, the test driver will support new hardware that has not yet been announced for release. It includes processors of the Raptor Lake, Meteor Flare, Arrow Lake generations. It will also serve Lunar Lake, expected no earlier than 2024.

Among those mentioned is the upcoming Intel G3 graphics accelerator called Elastic. The American chipmaker plans to break into the GPU market next year with a whole set of video cards.

In addition, the files confirmed the future configuration of the graphics engines integrated into the processor. So, Intel will first double the number of GPU cores, and then make their number four times larger compared to the current generation of Alder Lake.