OREANDA-NEWSThe release of one of the most anticipated mobile multiplayer role-playing games Lineage 2M from the company NCSOFT took place on Wednesday in the Republic of Korea. In the nine hours since it appeared in online stores, the application has become the most downloaded in the country and has already brought its creators more than $ 10 million, according to the Korean News Agency.

Lineage 2M, which began work in 2017, combines advanced three-dimensional technology and ultra-high resolution 4K graphics. According to Kim Taek Jin, one of the NCSOFT executive directors", in the next two years, there will be no games on the world market that can technically compete with it".

According to a press release circulated by the company, Lineage 2M will give players a more realistic gaming experience, especially when interacting with monsters and various objects. The mobile game is a continuation of the extremely popular Lineage II, released in 2003. The date of the world premiere of Lineage 2M hasn't been announced yet.