OREANDA-NEWS  The famous American pop singer Madonna stood up for Britney Spears due to the fact that she was again under the full control of her father. In Instagram stories, the 62-year-old singer posted a photo in which she appeared in a T-shirt with the Britney’s name.

"Bring this woman back to life! Slavery was forbidden many years ago. Death to the greedy patriarchy that has done this to women for centuries. This is a violation of human rights. Britney, we will get you out of prison!", - Madonna wrote and added that custody is slavery and a prison.

Earlier, on June 23, Britney Spears, in the video message to a Los Angeles judge, said how difficult she had to live for the past 13 years, being under the care of her father. She said that "her life practically did not belong to her, as she was forced to work seven days a week, pumped with medications that made her worse, did not give access to finance, and also interfered with her personal life".  Britney accused her father of not being able to get married and have children.

After that, many celebrities sided with Britney.

The singer's father, in response to his daughter's statements, said that he was "very sorry" and that he "did everything for her happiness." However, he later filed a lawsuit demanding an investigation of her statement, and then accused his daughter of lying.

The next hearing on this case is scheduled for July 14.