OREANDA-NEWS The My.Games brand (gaming division of Mail.ru Group) will present its own gaming platform, the company said. The launch of the global My.Games Store service is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2019. The platform will feature games by My.Games and external developers. 

My.Games Store service is aimed at an international audience. My.Games CEO Vasily Maguryan notes that the Russian-speaking audience of the local platform (Games.Mail.ru) is 13 million players, and the company also has experience in distributing games in Eastern Europe and the CIS. According to the head of the company, this allows to talk about success in the international market. The brand is also present in the Asian region thanks to a partnership with the Chinese developer iDreamSky. 

Two add-ons will work on the platform - for streamers and developers. In the Lootdog service, players will trade among themselves in-game items for real money. For bloggers, My.Games has created the ability to monetize content through the DonationAlerts app. 

My.Games will receive 30% of the revenue from the distribution of content, developers will account for 70% of the revenue.