OREANDA-NEWS.Last week, the Office of Inspector General report was released, according to which, in April 2018, unknown hackers penetrated into the NASA network and stole about 500 MB of data related to the Martian missions.

With the help of the gadget, the attackers found a gateway in the general network, which allowed them to develop an attack further. As a result, the information related to the NASA Mars missions fell into the hands of the attackers. 

In total, hackers stole about 500 MB of data and 23 files. Two of them contained information relating to the Regulations on the International Trade in Arms, which had a direct relationship to the Mars Science Laboratory program. I will note that it is within the framework of this program that the third-generation rover Curiosity was successfully delivered and operated to Mars.

Among other things, the report claims that JPL staff spent too much time correcting security issues. According to the document, sometimes various vulnerabilities remained uncorrected for more than 180 days.