OREANDA-NEWS. Telegram founder Pavel Durov says that Apple and Google 30% sales tax destroy startups.

He tweeted: «Apple and Google impose an insane 30% sales tax on all digital goods sold on every mobile phone in the world. The result – users pay higher prices, start-ups and entire industries get destroyed or never appear. Regulators have been ignoring this absurdity for 10 years.»

Durov proposes the following solution to this problem. He believes that you can limit Apple's monopoly by allowing users to install apps directly or by allowing them to use other app stores: «The solution to end Apple abuse of monopoly power is simple: allow users to install apps directly or via alternative app stores.»

Durov stated: «Apple's AppStore imposes the 30% cut, censorship and lack of privacy. Just replicate how apps get installed on desktops.» He mentioned that before the app stores, developers did not pay any taxes to Microsoft to install their development on Windows.

The founder of Telegram also added that the development and emergence of open ecosystems (like Android, Windows, MacOS) shows that people are «smart and prefer freedom of choice.» Durov himself has been a user of an Android-based smartphone for the past few years.