OREANDA-NEWS. As stated in the official decree of the Cabinet of Ministers, 16 applications must be preinstalled on all smartphones and tablets that will be imported into Russia after January 1, 2021, on computers - 3, and on Smart TV - 4.

Among the mandatory applications are browsers, search engines, maps, instant messengers, voice assistants, social networks, office software, online broadcasts, antiviruses, access to the Mir payment system, State services, audiovisual services and socially significant sites. Specific applications have not yet been named, because they will be determined by the expert council based on the software rating, which must be prepared by the Ministry of Digital Science by December 15.

The main criterion for selecting applications: the service must have at least 500 thousand users in the previous year. As for the pre-installation rules, the process can be carried out both by the equipment manufacturers themselves and by the suppliers or sellers of the devices. Variants are allowed when, instead of a full pre-installation, you can place a program icon for loading on the device's screen or show the user a list of programs recommended for installation when the device is turned on for the first time. In this case, it should not be possible to skip such a dialog box.

As the deadlines for mandatory pre-installation were postponed, many experts made statements that major manufacturers of gadgets such as Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei are already ready for the law to come into force. Only Apple resisted, which until now did not allow other people's applications to reach users' devices bypassing the App Store, but it seems that Apple has given up.