OREANDA-NEWS. A Spanish teenager was taken to the hospital because of the Fortnite game. This is the world's first case of hospitalization of a person due to a strong gambling addiction, writes local media Ondacero.

The incident occurred in the community of Valencia. The young man began to skip school. He did not leave the house, refused any social interactions and visits to doctors. Experts believe that addiction to games, as well as the death of a relative of a teenager, caused a high level of his anxiety.

Earlier, Chinese regulators introduced new rules for video game companies. The law limits the time for such leisure to one hour on Fridays and weekends. In addition, according to the new rules, all online games must be linked to the state system for combating addictions. Regulators will strengthen checks on how firms impose restrictions on game time and in-game purchases. They will also cooperate with parents, schools and other members of society in the fight against youth gambling addiction.