OREANDA-NEWS. Senators suggested stricter identification of users of postal services and blocking the sending of messages with prohibited information.  The initiative is due to the fight against terrorism.

 "The identification of email users is suggested to carry out using the subscriber number on the basis of an identification agreement concluded by the organizer of the e-mail service with the carrier, ”the explanatory note says.

 Lyudmila Bokova, one of the authors of the document and the head of the Federation Council Commission for the Development of the Information Society, recalled that this year a wave of mailings to the e-mail addresses of state authorities, hospitals, schools, transport infrastructure departments with false reports of impending terrorist attacks swept across the country. 

 And each time the necessary evacuation of citizens was carried out, the institutions were forced to stop their work, there were disruptions in the work of transport - all this entailed both economic damage and created discomfort for the citizens.