OREANDA-NEWS. Vera Jourova, deputy head of the European Commission, said that the ability of corporations that own social networks, based on unclear criteria, to "silence" the US president could threaten free speech.

These words were the reaction of the European Commission to the decision of Twitter and Facebook to freeze Trump's accounts indefinitely, based on accusations of inciting violence. Other social networks also began blocking Trump's accounts, to which he announced on Tuesday an unprecedented attack on free speech.

Yourova told Politico: "While I believe Trump's irresponsible incitement to violence deserved a response, it is clear that we cannot continue like this ... The fact that tech companies can silence the current US president is based on unclear criteria and without supervision, can be dangerous to free speech. "

According to the deputy head of the European Commission, "tougher regulation measures" are needed. Yourova noted that the recently introduced bills in the EU to regulate the activities of technology platforms Digital Services Act and Digital Markets Act "will increase the accountability of online platforms and clarify the rules for the removal of illegal content", but it will take time for the new rules to start working and to do something , she said, it is necessary right now.