OREANDA-NEWS. Pavel Durov told how he will monetize the Telegram messenger he created. For many years, Durov supported a service that earns nothing with his own funds, but with an audience of half a billion active users, this is virtually impossible, so the messenger will start making money from next year.

The future earnings of the service are to offer additional service functions for business teams and power users, that is, users engaged in professional activities in the messenger, for a fee. The platform will have to solve the problem of intrusiveness and unlabelled advertising in channels in its current format.

The founder of Telegram stressed that after the launch of the platform, most users are unlikely to notice any changes. All current Telegram messaging services will remain free and ad-free.

In the spring of this year, the project with the TON cryptocurrency, conceived to monetize the non-commercial Telegram, failed, so that the messenger would at least pay for itself. Then it seemed that the search for an investor or a buyer was the only way out of the situation.

But the company is trying to solve this problem in a different way. As Pavel Durov emphasized, he will not sell the messenger, as the founders of WhatsApp did. The only question is how to simultaneously make money on advertising to support the Telegram team and service and to pay off the debt to investors of the failed blockchain platform in the allotted six months. The founder of Telegram and his team are now working on solving this problem.