OREANDA-NEWS. The Russian Anti-Corruption Foundation named the alleged abductor of the base of Navalny's supporters. Experts say that there could be only one person — a former employee of the foundation, Fedor Gorozhanko. At FBK, before his dismissal, he was engaged in mailing lists. That is, he had access to a secret API key.

«This isn't the first time he's stolen our data. In January, we received two letters from our supporters in St. Petersburg. They suddenly received letters from our former employee Gorozhanko with a request to support his broadcast from the rally on January 31 in support of Navalny and send him money. Although they don't know who it is, and they've never signed up for it», informs the official website of FBK on Monday, May 31.

The organization stressed that Gorozhanko worked in FBK for four years. He fought against violations in the housing and communal sphere, ran for the Legislative Assembly from the «Yabloko» party. Fyodor's father is a well-known journalist and public figure in St. Petersburg and the Pskov region. The current deputy, also from the «Yabloko» party.