OREANDA-NEWS The Russian Embassy in London announced the hacking of its website on December,17. About it reports "RIA Novosti".

The break-in occurred on Monday afternoon, presumably from the territory of the United Kingdom.

According to the Embassy, the site has been "severely compromised" in the second half of the day after the publication of "on the UK's involvement in Ukrainian Affairs" and comment about the job BBC to his correspondent to find the "Russian trace" in protest actions in France. The Embassy added that, most likely, the attack was carried out from the British territory.

Earlier, the media received correspondence from The BBC's Russian service correspondent Olga Ivshina with a Russian journalist. It was said that the wording requires to provide any evidence of a possible intervention of Russia in protest of the "yellow jackets" in Paris. Thus in material of December 15 about the Russian intervention it wasn't mentioned. Later Bi-bi-si, has recognized the authenticity of the correspondence of the journalist. They added that the final publications did not mention the possible connection of the protests with Russia.

The publication Le Journal du Dimanche also wrote with reference to a source that the security services have not yet found evidence of Russia's involvement in the spread of "fake news" about the movement of "yellow vests". Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said that the rallies are the internal Affairs of France, and the charges against Russia called slander.

"The Russian Embassy in London apologizes to the numerous users of its website, which was harshly hacked after the publication of the UK's involvement in Ukrainian Affairs, as well as critical comment on the assignment of the BBC to its correspondent to find a Russian trace in the protests in France," the Ministry said.

Now technicians are assessing the damage and new risks