OREANDA-NEWS. As information security expert Alexei Lukatsky told the 360 channel, in order not to be deceived by fraudsters, one must always be vigilant and use common sense.

He recalled that it is technically difficult to find out whether there was a missed call from a scammer. The expert advised not to call back to an unfamiliar number, but in case of emergency, send a message and clarify who called. Fraudsters, as Lukatsky noted, usually do not respond to such messages.

The specialist explained that if a call is made to you and it is immediately dropped and then no one calls you back, it means that this is some kind of fraud or the caller is not very interested in getting through to you.

In addition, the expert suggested using special applications with spam filters. However, he explains that there is a problem with these programs: in such applications, the fraudsters' numbers appear only when someone enters them there. In this case, several fraudulent calls should go from this number.

Earlier, Kaspersky Lab expert Sergey Golovanov spoke about a new fraud scheme, according to which cybercriminals use people's trust and lure money out of them by phone, bypassing spam filters. Attackers call and hang up, and if they call back, they will use social engineering methods, trying to find out personal information or force money to be transferred to other accounts.