OREANDA-NEWS. WhatsApp messenger will stop working on devices based on outdated versions of Android and iOS. This is reported on the application's website. It is noted that from November 1, only smartphones and tablets running on Android 4.0.4 and iOS 9 and older will be supported. Users are advised to switch to a supported device or save their chat history until this date. To do this, it is suggested to use a backup or export of the chat history.

Earlier, the developers of WhatsApp announced a new messenger function, with which users will be able to leave reactions to the messages of their interlocutors. Users of the old version of the application will see under the messages with reactions an offer to update WhatsApp to the new version in order to access the function and see the reaction.

WhatsApp also has a feature that allows users to share disappearing photos and videos with each other. This option is designed to provide a higher level of privacy and will be useful when sending data such as passwords. And sending disappearing photos and videos will allow you to save space in the gadget's memory. A special sign has appeared for disappearing photos and videos. They will disappear after viewing, and the sender will receive a notification.