OREANDA-NEWS  Based on the norms of garbage accumulation, the Russians accumulate up to 337.2 million cubic meters of waste per year, analysts of the audit and consulting company Finexpertiza calculated. For calculations, they multiplied the average rate of accumulation (2.18 cubic meters of municipal solid waste per year per person) in the country by the population (146.8 million people).​

The leader in terms of waste accumulation is the Moscow region, where 7.6 million people live. Residents of the Moscow region accumulate 27.53 million cubic meters of garbage per year (an average of 3.63 cubic meters per person). To transfer the rate of accumulation from square meters of area to cubic meters per person, Rosstat data on the number of square meters, which falls on average per inhabitant of the Moscow region, were used, then they were multiplied by the rate of accumulation in terms of square meter.

In second place, according to official statistics, was Moscow with 24.1 million cubic meters of waste per year. Despite the fact that almost twice as many people live in the capital as in the region (12.6 million), the standard of waste accumulation per person, on the contrary, is almost twice less — 1.91 cubic meters per year. As a result, these two regions account for almost 52 million cubic meters of waste per year, or more than 15% of all garbage in Russia, according to Finexpertiza data.

The capital has not yet entered the garbage reform, which started in early 2019, and there is an old standard for waste accumulation, established in 2008. "Perhaps, when switching to a new scheme of solid municipal waste management, Moscow will recalculate the established standards," they suggest.

In third place was the Krasnodar region, accumulating annually 17.4 million cubic meters of waste with 5.6 million inhabitants. At the same time, analysts did not take into account the volume of migration in the regions and the summer influx of tourists who, in particular, come to Sochi and other resorts. Earlier, the authorities of the Krasnodar region offered to send part of the resort fee for the needs of garbage collection during the influx of tourists.