OREANDA-NEWS. Holding "Bakulin Motors Group" on December 21st opened a new bus plant "Volgabas-Vladimir" in the Vladimir region. The volume of investments in the project at the first stage was 3.5 billion rubles.

As the press service of Bakulin Motors Group informs, the enterprise will produce gas-powered large buses, as well as electric buses. The latter have recommended successfully themselves in the tests and they are ready for serial production. Currently, negotiations about the delivery of electric buses are conducted with the states of the Near and Middle East, the countries of Africa and Eastern Europe.

The design capacity of the first stage of the research and production complex will be up to 1000 buses per year, which will bring the share of Bakulin Motors Group (Volgabus trademark) in the large bus market up to 20%. As noted, "Volgabas-Vladimir" became the first bus plant built in Russia for 30 years. At the same time, the construction of the first stage was completed in just three years.

The new plant complies with the most modern standards of automotive industry, including the availability of robotic complexes for body welding, laser cutting and metal processing. The use of highly efficient machines can reduce the cost of production, including the cost of electricity, and increases labor productivity at the enterprise to the level of the world's leading automakers.