OREANDA-NEWS. September 06, 2016. Doosan Yonkang Foundation (Chairman Yong Hyun Park) held a ceremony to commemorate the publication of a compilation of travel essays titled “One Step on a Journey Toward Winning the Nobel Prize,” at the Grand Ambassador Seoul hotel, central Seoul.

The 260-page anthology chronicles the accounts of more than 40 schoolteachers as they toured industrial sites in Korea and academic facilities in Tokyo and Osaka, Japan. The teachers who contributed the essays are from elementary, middle and high schools, and participated in the observation tour under the 10th Science Teachers’ Overseas Study Tour Program in January.

The anthology will be distributed to institutions across the nation, including public libraries, university libraries, and the Office of Education.

Since 2007, Doosan Yonkang Foundation has offered overseas academic tours to Science Teacher of the Year laureates. A total of 381 teachers have participated in the program so far.