OREANDA-NEWS. In the last winter of month of 2018, 422 new LADA cars were sold in the European Union countries. This is more by 23% than during the same period of a year ago. This conclusion was reached by the analysts of the agency "AUTOSTAT" according to the results of the research of the ACEA data.

Despite the continued growth in sales of the Russian brand, their volumes remain scanty and constitute of only 0.04% of the EU auto market. For example, the market leader - the German Volkswagen - in February sold almost 126 thousand cars, while the French Renault and Peugeot sold 80.5 and 79.1 thousand cars in the same period, respectively. LADA by sales is on the same level with such brands as Bentley, Dodge or Maserati. Let's also note that for two months of 2018 the volume of LADA cars sales in the European Union practically reached 800 units, by showing an increase of 23.3%.