OREANDA-NEWS. Sales of electric vehicles Tesla Model 3 will begin in Russia in the IV quarter of 2018, RNS agency was informed by an official representative of the Moscow Tesla Club, which supplies and services Tesla. The first electric car Tesla Model 3 for presentation to potential customers in Russia will be available in the I quarter. The club is accepting currently orders for the supply of the model. To book an electric vehicle, the estimated cost of which will be in the Russian market from 3.5 million rubles to 5.5 million rubles, it is necessary to make an advance payment of 145 thousand rubles.

Currently, Russian buyers can order other Tesla models. For example, Tesla Model S will cost about 8 million rubles, and Model X - from about 12.6 million rubles. The electric vehicle Tesla Model 3 is equipped with a motor power of 262 hp. The power reserve is 350 km. Tesla around the world received more than half a million applications for Model 3 from the date of receipt of orders on April 1st, 2016. Tesla employees received the first lot of Tesla Model 3.

Previously, they could not resell their electric vehicles. Tesla in 2017 produced 101.312 thousand electric vehicles Model S and X, which is by 33% more than in 2016, says the company's report. In addition, the automaker shipped 2.52 thousand electric vehicles Tesla Model S and X, as well as the 860 Model 3 at the end of the fourth quarter. These electric cars will be mentioned in the report of the first quarter of 2018. In total, the company in the IV quarter produced 24.5 thousand electric vehicles, including 2,425 thousand Model 3. By the end of the second quarter of 2018 the company expects to assemble about 5 thousand Model 3 cars per week.

According to the analytic agency "AUTOSTAT", for 11 months, Russians bought 56 electric cars Tesla, including 42 crossovers Model X and 14 sedans Model S. Thus, Tesla is the most popular electric car in Russia, which accounts for almost 70% of the total volume of the market. In total in January-November of 2017, the volume of the market of new passenger electric vehicles in Russia was 82 units, which is more by 30% than a year before (63 units).