OREANDA-NEWS. On April 8, during the Global Retail Innovative Summit 2016, the Beijing SiYuanQiao Store was awarded one of the Top 10 Best Stores in China in 2015 by Linkshop (influential online media focusing on retail industry in China), among 500 newly opened stores.

This award focuses on the newly built stores that can provide customers with innovative and advanced concepts, techniques, or experiences as well as letting the other retailers learn from these concepts and promote the whole industry to be more innovative.

This award was voted online partly by the public (30% - who chose between the 28 stores selected among the 500 for the finals) and by the jury (70%).

Carrefour China, with its Beijing SiYuanQiao Store did progress a lot on different levels, improving:
-    Air Conditioning System: the efficient air conditioning system provides a healthy and comfortable environment for customers.  
-    Refrigeration System : the glass doors reduce energy loss and a new low refrigerant which decrease more than 50% of carbon dioxide emissions is used.
-    Lighting System: with over 2 million sets of LED lamps saving 2 million kilowatts of power per year.
-    Plumbing: the 300 tons of daily sewage water are treated and reused for restrooms and irrigating forestation.
-    Power Metering System (PMS):  the engineers study the data collected and find solutions to optimize the system.