OREANDA-NEWS. April 26, 2016. Airbnb could be held responsible for policing San Francisco listings that violate the city's short-term rental law.

San Francisco Supervisors David Campos and Aaron Peskin will introduce legislation on Tuesday that will hold sites like Airbnb responsible for verifying that hosts are following the city's law, including registration, a 90-day cap on unhosted rentals and payment of Transit Occupancy Taxes.

Any hosting site that doesn't follow the mandate would face fines of up to \\$1,000 per day per unregistered, aka illegal, listing.

"The legislation I am introducing tomorrow with Supervisor Peskin will ensure that Web platforms are supporting -- and not hindering -- the enforcement of our short term rental law in San Francisco," said Campos in a statement. "This is not about changing the current law, it's about enforcing the current law."