OREANDA-NEWS. Russian dealers of Mitsubishi completed the sale of compact crossover ASX. Model was delivered to our country from the American plant of the company, but last year this company was closed, so until recently, Russian dealers sold the earlier imported cars of 2015 manufacture year.

As the Russian office of Mitsubishi informed Wroom.ru website, delivery of ASX models were suspended "due to the exchange rate differences, which have a significant influence on the formation of the final price of the car market," but as soon as the situation with the exchange rates change, the crossover will appear again in the Russian market . Recently Mitsubishi made a restyling of ASX model, so if the return crossover takes place, then it will be updated cars.

Earlier, in an interview with the agency "AUTOSTAT" the President and CEO of Mitsubishi in Russia, Mr. Naoya Takaya, has reported that the import of ASX was suspended and sales of this model are temporarily out of plans. "There are cars, they are produced in Japan and Thailand, actually nothing stops us to order and bring them here - except for the price and exchange rate differences. Of course, logically, ASX must remain a leader in terms of price, as it was before, when the economy was stable. Now it turns out that if we continue to order the foreign car, it will not be sold. Small "stocks» of Mitsubishi ASX are at dealers. If the dollar "bounce" back and it will cost at least 50 rubles, then we have every chance to resume imports", - said Mr. Naoya Takaya.