OREANDA-NEWS. Renault Company in November will not produce on its Moscow Automobile Plant Duster crossover with a petrol engine of 2 liters (in this configuration they cost from 875 990 rub.), and in November - December - a new crossover Kaptur with the same engine (from 1 million 049 thousand 990 rub.). According to the newspaper "Vedomosti", with reference to its sources, these cars are available, but the dealers don’t accept orders for Kaptur with 2-liter engines from August. About a month ago the similar situation was with Duster. However, in September, dealers have resumed the accepting of applications for December.

In addition to the 2-liter petrol engine Duster is equipped with a 1.5-liter diesel, but from the end of the summer – with a gasoline of 1.6 liters. The same engine is installed at Kaptur. The versions with a 2-liter engine have more than 80% of Russian sales of Kaptur, and Duster, explain dealers. These motors are produced in France. Deliveries of most imported into Russia components for the production of Renault vehicles come from a warehouse in Romania and, according to sources, there were no problems with customs control. There is no overstocking of these models; accordingly, there is no need to assist in the sale of residues, said dealers. Price increases are also not expected, they said. Russian office of Renault, apparently, did not have enough of previously ordered engines for all locally produced models, noted dealers. In terms of low demand for Kaptur the company probably decided to reallocate the available engines in favor of its trusted bestseller - Duster, supposed one of the dealers.