OREANDA-NEWS. May 12, 2008. Starting from 1 May 2008 both private individuals and corporate customers can place their spare funds on deposit at DnB NORD Banka subject to better interest rates, reported the press-centre of DnB NORD Banka.

High interest rates are being offered both on term deposit and Plus 30 term deposit.

Minimum maturity of the deposit (in LVL, USD or EUR) is 1 month, maximum - 3 years. Investments for longer period are subject to higher interest to be paid out at maturity.

If you choose Plus 30 term deposit you maintain an opportunity to withdraw up to 30 per cent of the deposit principal at your discretion without any prior notifications and subject to interest accrual on the whole principal to be paid out either once a month or once a year. 

Visit the closest DnB NORD Banka branch or dial 1880 and get further information about the term deposit and Plus 30 term deposit.