OREANDA-NEWS. On May 14, 2008 Kvazar-Micro Company, one of the leading system integrators in the Eastern Europe and the CIS countries, announced that, following the results of the research conducted by the Ukrainian Rating Agency as part of the project known as “All-Ukrainian Rating Program “Guards” (“Innovators Guards”, June, 2007), which is new and unique for the Ukrainian market, it came in second in the rating list of 100 most innovative Ukrainian companies on the high-tech and system integration market, reported the press-centre of Kvazar-Micro Company.
The “Innovators Guards” experts rated the company in accordance with the quantitative and qualitative indicators of use of high technologies and innovations in 100 leading Ukrainian companies. The experts considered competitiveness and profitability of separate branches, and also the overall economy’s potential of the country. Thus, the primary intent of the given project – to estimate the prospects of the Ukrainian economic growth, define the growth and development rates of the high tech and intellectual business, and determine the leading companies working in this field – has finally been reached.
According to the experts and the conclusions they have reached, based on the conducted research, the rating list leaders develop their technological and intellectual potential, come into the international markets, implement enterprise modernization programs, being streets ahead of the minor players.

Moreover, the research has demonstrated a growing tendency towards an increasing breakaway between the leading companies and companies of the mean level. For the Ukrainian economy, which nowadays develops by the competitive market laws, it is quite a natural development stage that has already been put into practice by the world business.

At the same time, the use of innovations both in the field of technology and in the management sphere, is a strict competitive necessity these days – especially for the developers and suppliers of intellectual products and services. For their clients and partners orient themselves not so much to the price of the solutions offered, as at high quality, effectiveness, reliability, and also at the company competitiveness and reputation, well-proved in practice.
According to Volodymyr Yasynsky, Kvazar-Micro’s President, “... for many years Kvazar-Micro has been one of the leading system integrators both in Ukraine and in the Eastern Europe and the CIS countries, in many respects, owing to its unique innovation policy. Kvazar-Micro’s motto – “Always a step ahead” – implies a continuous search and implementation of the best solutions, the most cutting-edge and efficient processes, both in the field of company management and the internal business processes organization, and in the sphere of expanding our competence portfolio.