OREANDA-NEWS. On 21 May 2008 was announced, that high indicators were demonstrated by production of nitrogen fertilizes at OJSC MCC EuroChem: amount of generation of commodity ammonia increased by 33% and amounted to 193 thousand tons. Amount of production of carbamide-ammonia mixture (CAM) grew up by 7% up to 291 thousand tons – for satisfaction of needs of agricultural producers in the Belgorod Region and Stavropol Territory. In the first quarter of 2008 suppliers of CAM were also increased to the Krasnodar Territory, Rostov, Tula, Ryazan and other regions by means of own distribution network of EuroChem.

Production of phosphorus containing fertilizers amounted to 459 thousand tons or 122% to the level of January-March 2007. This is associated with increase in the production volume of apatite concentrate, the main raw material for production of phosphorus containing fertilizers which was produced at the amount of 660 thousand tons (130% to the level of the similar period of the previous year). Achievement of such a favorable result became possible on account of introduction into operation of the new enrichment plant at the Kovdorsky GOK at the end of the last year. This permitted to increase the mode of joint re-processing of ore and wastes after it (“apatite tails”).

Production volumes of sulfuric and phosphorus acids necessary for production of fertilizers amounted to 564 thousand tons (in monohydrate) and 237 thousand tons (100% Р2О5), respectively, or 102% and 112% to the level of the previous year. Production of ammophos increased by 20% and reached 205 thousand tons. Production of dibasic ammonium phosphate also increased up to 211 thousand tons (110% to the level of the previous year). Production of sulfuric ammophos grade 20-20 increased by 196% and amounted to 40 thousand tons.

Output of complex fertilizers of various grades exceeded the results of the 1st quarter of 2007 by 20% and amounted to 124 thousand tons according to needs of farmers of all the regions of the Russian Federation where EuroChem is operating (mainly cities and regions of the Central and Southern federal districts). 

Production volume of iron ore concentrate amounted to 1.43 million tons – 113% of the level of the 1st quarter of 2007. Output of the baddeleyte concentrate – the unique zirconium containing raw material was maintained at the level of the previous year and amounted to 1.84 thousand tons. Increase in production indicators was ensured on account of implementation of large-scale investment programs of OJSC MCC EuroChem including acquisition of mining equipment, technological transport, improvement of technologies for extraction and enrichment of ore.

The consolidated production volume of fertilizers by all subsidiaries of OJSC Mineral and Chemical Company EuroChem amounted in the 1st quarter of 2008 to 1.7 million tons or 100.2% to the level of the similar period of the previous year.