OREANDA-NEWS. On October 07, 2008 at 9.30, EANS air traffic controllers started their work in the new, spacey and modern operational room of the extended ATCC complex, reported the press-centre of EANS.
The preparation for the migration to the new OPS room started already in 2007, well before the new building was ready – it indicates the scale and the complexity of the process. The transition to the new room was followed by 48 hour stabilisation period, when it was possible to revert to the old premises.

It was decided to keep the old system and use it as back-up and simulator.
The new OPS room was part of the ATCC complex extension. The enlargement of the premises was prompted by the rapid growth of air traffic. A major part of the new building belongs to the ATS OPS room.. The building also accomodates Flight Data Section, technical premises, fitness halls, relaxation rooms and a small dining room.
The OPS room has an area of 269 m? which is 107 m? larger than the previous one.

The air cooling and ventilation systems have also been upgraded and a new humidifier installed. The lighting provides a 100% daylight effect.
The new ATCO work stations are ergonomic – the desktops can be adjusted from 2 different points, it’s also possible to work standing. The local equipment is removed from the work stations and placed in special cabinets in order to reduce noise.
The new OPS room can accommodate 14 ATCO work stations – the old one had only 10.
The main system used for provision of air traffic services is EUROCAT2000 made by Thales Air System (100 million kroon have been invested in it) and Swiss-made voice communication system Schmid Telecom – acquired for 15 million kroon.

Several Estonian companies have also participated in the re-equipment of the EANS OPS room.
The new OPS room and the renewed ATM system will allow provision of more flexible and safe air navigation services in Estonian airspace.