OREANDA-NEWS  On 20 October was announced, that one of the largest structural units of OJSC PAVA (www.apkhleb.ru) – Achinsk flour mill (the Krasnoyarsk Territory) resumed production of cereals in August of the current year. In the cereal manufacturing shop of the enterprise pearl barley and fine-ground barley cereals are produced.

Owing to its food properties (increased fibre and starch content) these cereals are indispensable components in the Russians’ food ration. Pearl barley and fine-ground barley cereals are used in dietary and vegetarian nutrition.

Today, capacities of the cereal manufacturing shop are small-scale – 8 tonnes a day. The products are in demand on the markets of Eastern Siberia, Far East and Transbaikalia.

Note about the company: OJSC PAVA is among the three largest grain processing companies in Russia, shipping products to 68 regions of the country; it is the first company in the Russian agricultural sector that conducted a public offering (IPO). Three flour mills are integrated in its structure. Total grain processing capacities per day are 2,000 tonnes. Besides, PAVA has its own elevators.

The company always seeks to maintain high quality standards of both the manufactured product and the corporate management. Thus, after auditing the system of production quality management at OJSC PAVA, Russian Union of flour milling and cereal producing enterprises acknowledged that the company corresponds to ISO 9001-2001. Standards of 9000:2000 series were developed by the International Organization for Standardization and function in more than 200 countries of the world.