OREANDA-NEWS  On 21 October was announced, that the UNDP in Kazakhstan presented National Development Report "Climate change and its influence on the development of Kazakhstan". The document is a strategic pathguide for the country that soon will face the consequences of the global warming. According to the scientific estimates, Kazakhstani will undergo through drastic changes in the wheat farming, cattle breeding, forestry and water management sectors of economy. For the majority of the country this will mean extreme changes in the living style of the local population and its vulnerability against the natural disasters.

Furthermore, the climate change will be affecting the health of the nation, since the dynamics of warming on Kazakhstani territory will be growing very fastly. Taking into account high number of mortality rate caused by the cardiological and high blood pressure diseases, the healthcare infrastructure of the country should be ready for the increasing vulnerability of the people towards global warming.

Therefore, the presentation of the human development report by the UNDP is aimed at alleviating the negative outcomes of the global climate change in Kazakhstan. For this to happen, one needs to bring the better understanding of the problem in Kazakhstan society on how to resist the climate change and become prepared in the face of great changes in the living style of every citizen.

In such a context, Kazakhstan may prevent the ascending global crisis factors in economic, social and demographic spheres by paying more attention to the rational use of resources, alternative society planning and referring to the implementation of the principles of sustainable development. Only by launching the real mechanisms to struggle the climate change we can prevent the aggravation of the public health, ailing of the agricultural sector and water deficit. Scientific discussion should transform into the real actions and take care of the achieved living standards.

The report was prepared with the financial support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan.