OREANDA-NEWS  On 22 October was announced, that Ertil-Gorod transformer substation and 35/10kV Ertil Raionnaya - Ertil Gorod two-chain overhead line were opened solemnly after the reconstruction.

The following people took part in the opening ceremony: Deputy Chief Engineer for Maintenance and Repair of Voronezhenergo, an IDGC of Centre, JSC subsidiary, Yury Yasheritsyn, Head of Ertil District, Voronezh Region, Nikolai Parakhin, Head of Borisoglebsk  Electric Networks, a production division of Voronezhenergo, Vyacheslav Gorodilov and Head of Ertil Electric Network Zone Alexander Platonov.

Head of the district adminisration noted a special importance of the substation reconstruction for the population of the district. Nikolai Parakhin expressed his gratitude to Voronezh power workers, "Today the district and the city are developping fast. I would like to thank all employees of Voronezhenergo and their contractors for a fast and qualitative work. Thank you for understanding of the necessity of the substation revival. This cooperation will surely be very productive."
Ertil-Gorod transformer substation became the property of Voronezhenergo, an IDGC of Centre, JSC subsidiary, in 2006, and it was reconstructed within a year. Under ther reconstruction plan the workers replaced the one-chair overhead line the capacity of which had been exhausted, by a 35/10 kV two-chain overhead line with a length of 2.1.km and the reconstruction of Ertil-Raionnaya substation.

"Now in a two-chain variant we have a reliable connection between Ertil-Gorod and Ertil-Raionnaya substations, and, thus, we have improved the quality and reliability of electricity supply not only of the city, but of Ertil District," said Yury Yasheritsyn.

Within the limits of the plan of modernisation and reconstruction, in August and September, 2008, Voronezhenergo spent nine million roubles on reconstruction of Ertil-Gorod - Ertil-Raionnaya overhead line, one million roubles, on the repair of substations made by the power workers of Borisoglebsk Electric Networks production division. Having passed successfully a number of tests, on 14 October the overhead line and Ertil-Gorod substation were launched for technical exploitation.

The reconstruction of power facilities will allow to the district to increase fast power consumptions, develop, involve new investors and improve considerably the quality of electricity supply of the central, densely populated part of the city.