OREANDA-NEWS. October 24, 2008. For Jan-Sept 2008 Azerbaijan was observed growth in chemical production against decline in 2007.

The State Statistics Committee has informed that for the past nine months of 2008 country’s manufacture of chemical products rose 53.7% (up to AZN 158.8 million) against the 2007 same term figure and production of rubber and plastics manufacture by 13% (up to AZN 39.7 million).

Past nine months’ manufacture of liquid caustic soda made 16,700 tons (+67.7%), propylene 23,400 tons (+52.5%), polyethylene 42,400 tons (+59.1%), isopropylene alcohol 16,100 tons (+62.8%), varnish-and-paint products 2,089 tons (+58.1%), chloric acid 2,800 tons (+47.4%).

Production of plastic bags, pipes and other items from hard polyethylene totaled 3,140 tons (+67.8%), plastic window and door frames 647.7 tons (+14.7%), artificial coverings from cellulose or protein 380.6 tons (-44.4%), 1 mm mono-fibers from plastics, profiles and shanks 629.3 tons (-66.8%).

As of September 1, 2008, cost of ready chemical products at enterprises’ warehouses declined by AZN 3,000 to AZN 23.6 million or 8.5% of overall balance of ready industrial products.

Overall decline of domestic chemical output that was observed last year was linked with problems of Azerkimya state-run chemical company, which was forced to halt manufacture because tax services blocked its accounts and rise in prices for raw materials. Due to the measures taken by the government production was resumed but its rate was lost.