OREANDA-NEWS  On 27 October was announced, that Lipetskenergo, an IDGC of Centre, JSC subsidiary, became the owner of 21 power facilities.

Lipetsk October District Cour decided to recognise 21 facility of electric power industry, including package transformer substations (PTSs) and transmission lines, as ownerless and transfer it into the ownership of IDGC of Centre, JSC. It became possible thanks to the performed inventory of Lipetskenergo property.

In 2007, to avoid threat of people's lives and provide qualitative electric power supply of consumers, JSC Lipetskenergo registered on its balance and repaired the above mentioned facilities. On 1 July, 2007, the Administration for Technological and Environmental Supervision of the Lipetsk Region, JSC Lipetskenergo and JSC Lipetsk Power Sale Company concluded an Agreement that defined the order of actions directed to solution of the problem of ownerless networks. From the beginning of 2008, there was a legal precedent in solution of similar issues. Then, as a result of hearings on a civil case, the court decided to  transfer into the ownership of JSC Lipetskenergo two PTSs and over two and a half kilometres of overhead electricity transmission lines (0.4 kV) situated in Illinsky village, Dolgorukovsky district. At the present moment Lipetskenergo continues executing its obligations under the Agreement, and now 21 power facility was recognised as the subsidiary's property; Lipetskenergo will provide their usage, necessary technical maintenance and repair. 

Under the above-said Agreement, till the end of 2008  Lipetskenergo, a subsidiary of IDGC of Centre, JSC, plans to register as its property over 500 ownerless power facilities of the Lipetsk Region.    

Performance by IDGC of Centre, JSC of the policy of integration of the grid complex not only concerning useful municipal grid facilities, but also ownerless property, proves again that our company is socially-oriented," said IDGC of Centre, JSC  Deputy General Director for Corporate Development Konstantin Kotikov.