OREANDA-NEWS  On 28 October was announced, that Achinsk mill produces flour with enhanced content of gluten, and that is among the characteristics which are especially attractive for consumers. Thus, high-grade flour contains up to 34% of gluten, first-grade – up to 36%. Podolsk flour and second-grade flour are rich in gluten as well (28 and 29% respectively). This is a considerably improved product which may fairly be called an innovation. Partners of the PAVA company, which includes Achinsk mill as one of its structural units, are presented with a wide selection of products: three sorts of high-grade flour and three sorts of first-grade – all differ in gluten content. High gluten with GDI (gluten deformation index) at approximately 75-85 points allows to use Achinsk mill product as an improving agent for flour with lower quality (less gluten). This is important for bakers as well as pasta manufacturers.

“We started production of flour conditioner, taking into account developments of the current year. In Russia, a large crop was harvested, but it is mostly constituted by grain of 4th and 5th grade. In addition, a serious problem for bakers and pasta manufacturers working in the European part of Russia is the quality of gluten. A considerable part of flour produced from grain grown in those regions can be qualified as 3d group according to GDI, whereas in order to produce high-quality products millers require grain of 2d group. Altay and Krasnoyarsk regions grow wheat which allows PAVA enterprises to produce high-quality flour with optimal GDI. This is why we offer to use it as a conditioner for flour of lower sorts. Benefits of natural gluten over artificial improvers are obvious, and correlation of prices is another significant advantage of our flour-conditioner. Therefore we are certain that this product will be very popular in the European part of Russia”, commented Angela Kiseleva, OJSC PAVA Commercial Director.

Flour with specified characteristics, including high gluten content, is also produced by other PAVA structural units – Rebrikha and Mikhailovsky mills, which are based in the Altay Territory.