OREANDA-NEWS  On 28 October was announced, that Oryolenergo, a subsidiary of IDGC of Centre, JSC, received the Certificate of Preparation to work in the autumn and winter of 2008-2009. Sergei Zorin, Director of Oryolenergo, received this important document in a solemn ceremony from Deputy General Director for Technical Policy, IDGC of Centre, JSC, Sergei Schumacher.

The Certificate of Preparation is a result of a long work of Oryol power engineers that shows timely and high-quality preparation of the network complex for winter. Within nine months Oryolenergo spent over RUR 300m on these projects. At the present moment almost all planned repair and investment programmes have been executed. Till the end of the year the company plans to invest RUR 100m more on actions for strengthening of electricity supply reliability.

Within several weeks preparation of Oryolenergo for the autumn and winter maximum of loadings was evaluated by a special commission. The inspection body included senior executives of IDGC of Centre, JSC, representatives of state supervisory bodies, the system operator and other structures. 

"The committee has studied all aspects of Oryolenergo activity and made a conclusion that the company has well prepared for winter," said Sergei Schumacher at the presentation ceremony. " The requirements’ that we specified are high, because a certificate of preparation is a law-based document, and persons that signed it bear responsibility for functioning of power industry facilities in the region."  

"It will be the winter that will give final evaluation of our work," said Sergei Zorin. "Emergency and problem situations may take place within the period of maximum loadings, but I think that we are prepared for them. We have got a skilled and responsible personnel and good material support; thus, Oryolenergo clients do not have any problems with electricity supply.