OREANDA-NEWS  On 30 October was announced, that contrary to our expectations as to the Ukrainian stock market further growth on Wednesday, on Thursday, the PFTS index shed insignificant 0.5% amid extremely low activity. Devaluation of the hryvna official exchange rate against US dollar pulled down considerably all indices calculated in USD: the broad UFC index fell 6.1%, UFC Metals – 6.2%, UFC Utilities – 14.2%, and UFC Engineering – 9.8%.

The yesterday’s trading session brought no material changes in support and resistance levels of the watched by us securities. We would like to point out at the collapse of DNEN quotations, which is still one of the most volatile and risky securities in energy sector. Within one trading session DNEN broke through the level of UAH 650 and closed at UAH 425 mark. Meanwhile, PGZK dynamics is a surprise again, which quotations went up and entered a new corridor of UAH 7-8. PGZK claims to be a security with the highest by negative module correlation with the PFTS index value.

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