OREANDA-NEWS. October 28, 2008. AK BARS Bank as a paying agent of "Promtractor-Finance" ltd paid the coupon yield on bonds (interest bearing, non-convertible documentary to the bearer with the obligatory centralized storage), series 02 OOO, "Promtractor-Finance" (state registration number 4-02-36089-R from 05.09.2006) for the fourth coupon period at the level 10,75% per year, which is 53,60 (Fifty three roubles and 60 copecks) for one bond, reported the press-centre of AK BARS Bank.  

The total payment amount for the coupon made up 160 800 000 (one hundred sixty million eight hundred thousand) roubles.

The 5-year bonded debt of "Promtractor-Finance" ltd was placed on October 24, 2006. The volume of the loan is 3 000 000 000 roubles. The maturity date is October 18, 2011.