OREANDA-NEWS. November 1, 2008. Branch Far-Eastern Bureau of OJSC “Transsiberian Reinsurance Corporation” (Nakhodka) paid OJSC “Dalakfes Insurance Company” 1.05mln rubles of reinsurance indemnity on the fact of the damage of motor vessel “Sinara”. Payment is made within the limits of marine obligatory reinsurance contract.

The insured event took place on 8 August 2006. Motor vehicle “Sinara” with general cargo on board was moving at full speed from port Pusan (South Korea) to port De-Castries (Russia). At 9.30 by ship’s time watch chief engineer heard strange noise while the propelling engine was running. After its examination high warm-up of inlet manifold barrel No 2 was found. Due to this reason the propelling engine was urgently put out, and the vessel lied adrift.

Motor vessel was towed for the repairmen to the next port (Pokhang, South Korea). After more detailed examination serious damage of the vessel propelling engine was found.

The event was admitted insured, and after receipt of full portfolio, Transsiberian Re decided to pay the 1.05mln rubles of reinsurance indemnity of its share.