OREANDA-NEWS. On 12 January 2009 was announced, that OJSC Life Insurance Company "Universalna" had developed the unique documents package designed to the clients.

The peculiarity of the "Insurance box" underlies in its contents. From now on, having concluded the life insurance contract, the client receives not only the insurance policy.

The proposed documents package includes not only the document, which confirms the status of the insured party, but also the useful information, which will be of great help to everybody. Notably: the rules of insurance, which could be used by the clients any time when needed. In addition, the "Insurance box" contains more detailed information about the company. Considering that the majority of the Company’s clients have families, Life Insurance Company "Universalna" decided to make a little present for kids as well — an interesting colouring book.

Today, this information is enclosed to the insurance programs "The successful start" and "Universal protection". All the other insurance programs of OJSC Life Insurance Company "Universalna" will contain this information shortly.

Life Insurance Company "Universalna" cares about its clients and works for protection of their future.