OREANDA-NEWS. January 12, 2009. Since the launch of its 1st unit Bilibino Nuclear Power Plant has generated 8.436bln KWh. In 2008 the plant generated 164.848mln KWh against planned 151.915mln KWh — 108.5% of the plan of 2008 and 19.5mln KWh more than in 2007.

The annual plan was fulfilled ahead of time — on Dec 7. On Dec 23 the plant supplied its consumers with 7,000,000,000th KWh. Such excellent performance is the result of the effective work of the personnel of the plant and its contractor organizations.

Bilibino NPP makes big contribution to the social development of Chukotka Autonomous Okrug. In 2008 the plant provided services worth 1.361bln RUR – 120mln RUR more than in 2007. The plant paid a total of 244.12mln RUR in taxes: 102.32mln RUR to the local budget, 57.25mln RUR to the regional budget and 84.55mln RUR to the federal budget.

In 2009 Bilibino NPP is planning to significantly enhance its efficiency and safety. The electricity production plan for the year is 166.3mln KWh – 14.4mln KWh more than in 2008.

Presently, three units are in operation. The 1st unit has been under maintenance since Dec 26 2008.

The radiation situation at Bilibino NPP and in its 30-km monitoring zone is within norm, which proves that the plant is safe.