OREANDA-NEWS. On 7 September 2009 was announced, that Belarus’ breweries that make part of Heineken group of companies – Syabar, in the Mogilev Region, and Rechitsapivo, in the Gomel Region – saw a 37.1% reduction in output in the first seven months of 2009 from the January-July 2008 level to 3.108 million decaliters, Belarus’ food concern Belgospischeprom said in a statement.

Syabar’s output fell 23.1% on the year to 2.459 million decaliters, and Rechitsapivo’s output decreased 62.9% to 649,000 decaliters because of a large-scale upgrade. Most of Rechitsapivo brands are now produced using Syabar’s facilities.

In July, the Belarusian breweries controlled by Heineken reduced beer output 4.7% on the year to 613,000 decaliters. Syabar increased beer output 46.6% to 494,000 decaliters, whereas Rechitsapivo’s output fell 61.1% to 119,000 decaliters.

Syabar made 1.904 million decaliters of beer in plastic bottles in the first seven months, down 27.1%, and 538,000 decaliters in glass bottles, down 7.7%.

Rechitsapivo produced 413,000 decaliters of beer in plastic bottles in January-July 2009, down 63.9%, and 104,000 decaliters in glass bottles, down 76.8%.

Exports by Syabar and Rechitsapivo reached 65,500 decaliters in January-July: 15,000 decaliters by Syabar, up 55.5%, and 59,500 decaliters by Rechitsapivo, up 24.6%.