OREANDA-NEWS. September 23, 2009. The heating season started in the Irkutsk Region. The stations of JSC Irkutskenergo deliver thermal energy to all thermal stations of the region registered by “Rostekhnadzor” Interdistrict Administration for Technological and Environmental Supervision. On 1 September, the debts of the region for electric energy were 1.1 bn roubles (including housing and public utility enterprises, budget organisations and resellers).

The specialists of JSC Irkutskenergo repaired for the heating season three hydraulic units, eighteen turbine units and forty-one boiler units and replaced 56 km of thermal networks. The main and additional equipment are being repaired under the coordinated plans. This year, under the investment program, the Company spent 1,357.6m roubles for reconstruction and new equipment, and 173m roubles, for updating. By the start of the heating season the thermal stations of JSC Irkutskenergo saved 2,479m tons of coal. The Company also prepared equipment for the thermal power generation station of the Baikalsk Pulp and Paper Plant for supply with power of the Baikalsk city. Under the repair programme, workers repaired steam pipes and heat distribution networks.

AT the present moment committees with participation of the representatives of the state defence and emergency situations of Russia, “Rostekhnadzor” Interdistrict Administration for Technological and Environmental Supervision and the local office of Sibirenergotekhnadzor regional enterprise are checking the company’s branches; the branches will receive certificates of preparation for the autumn and winter on the basis of the results of these checks.